My House

I have always wanted to have a house of my own ever since I was a child and I wanted it to be somewhere i can reside with my own family and be able to accommodate friends and relatives. This is why I worked my way to studying good in school until I graduated to be highly employable and capable of earning a living to make it real. I was able to partially fulfill this and is still on my way to achieving it with the help of my work (as housewife in charge of managing our finances, and from working part time every now and then) family, and friends.

As a professional teacher, and a professional housekeeper besides being a mother and a housewife, I have learned that in keeping a good household we housekeepers live by the motto “everything in it’s place and a place for everything.” A true housekeeper knows how to keep a place clean and tidy to make for a pleasant and good dwelling. To keep a house in a “spic ‘n span” condition, it first needs to be built on a good and strong foundation besides it having different rooms with appropriate furniture and fixtures, and appliances.

In this proprietary day and age,  acquiring things especially a good house in a good environment is not that easy and simple anymore. Although, modern construction technology made it easier and faster to build homes, most people are either homeless or reside in houses that are not appropriate for human dwelling in a modern standard of house specification, especially when the space they are built on were once a thriving forest where biodiversity existed, does not consume non-biodegradable materials that turn into waste if disposed of improperly.  Modern day technology has made discovery and acquisition of minerals and chemicals easily, but we have no complete understanding of how to use it to our good advantage. Indiscriminate mining have destroyed forests to find things humans need to build or create non-biodegradable things. It destroyed homes of many different creatures disrupting the balance and harmony of nature and have turned paradise into a barren and desolate place.

In my observation, i have learned that balance and harmony in nature can be achieved in a good exchange of give and take. If we cut a tree, a new one should be placed to grow in its place or if we harvest a vegetable, new ones should be planted to expect future harvest or source of supply. If not, consequence is something to be expected.

I have come to realize this fully and will try to live by a way of life that will help me live in good harmony with nature. Life is easy as planting a tree until it reaches full maturity ready to provide its bounty and be a living creatures home, shelter, and source of food and clothing.

The following are my criteria for a house construction; my house must be:

  1. Built under a tall tree that bears edible fruit. If there is no tree, plant one or more as needed. Perimeter should be 3 to 5 feet away from the tree.
  2. It must  be raised at least 1.5 feet above ground.
  3. Its height from floor to ceiling must be minimum of 6 feet and maximum of 8 feet.
  4. It must have enough spaces for toilet and bath, kitchen, dining, reception, sleeping, garage, recycling, and storage  for supplies.
  5. Must be be not bigger than 50 sq. ft. and built on at least 500 sq.m. lot.
  6. If expansion is needed, it must be vertical and must not be more than four levels of the same space specifications.
  7. Must have land space for vegetable and landscape gardening, tree-lined boundary or live (plants) as fence.
  8. Must have manual and electric water pump or community water supply system.
  9. Must have power supply – electricity, solar, or battery.


Concrete, Steel, and Plastic Jungle

It’s a jungle out there. Everything is synthetic, temporary, and wasteful. They seem unbreakable, but when they do break, they become a nuisance waste hard to dispose of. It takes but doesn’t give. This is quite what to expect from places like these.


Traffic congestion is one definite feature. The ground is covered in concrete to allow rides, and feet smooth passage, but leaving no space readily available for water to easily drain, or to spit cough, or cast other bodily fluids and excretions that the soil’s organisms can easily absorb and decompose

Image source

It leaves the earth and the creatures under these concrete suffocated. These organisms have the same basic needs we have to survive.They also need air to breath, the sun’s heat, and rain to pepetuate existence- so the ground is shaken up every now and then to break them free from their concrete prison. They too are part of creation for ecological balance to sustain humankind’s harmonious existence.

Unfortunately, mankind has veered
away from nature to their own disadvantage. Many have invented things and means against the law of nature instead of working with it, which caused so much discomfort and unstable human subsistence. It will not even take one’s entire lifetime to notice and see the many evil things done to this beautiful world made ugly and destroyed by foolish people.

“They paved (self cleaning trash-free) paradise

Image source: Jungle forest from above on Public Domain Images

to put up a parking lot”

Image source Downtown big city on Public Domain Images

displacing and stealing from their original inhabitants, only to sustain their destructive lifestyle by doing these things:

1. Crowd and congest in one area and dump bodily waste on drinking water through septic system even if approximately only 1% of the world’s water is drinkable

2. Uncontrolled building of factories that emit harmful smoke dangerous to human respiratory system.

3. Burn leaves in their yards that produce harmful chemicals and fumes.

4. Improper disposal of broken mass produced plastic products that are difficult to break because of its unnatural composition thus creating tons of garbage pollution problems.

5. Replaced traditional and natural animal transportation with those that run expensive petrol fuel that contribute to global warming and respiratory health problems when inhaled by animals and humans.

6. Conduct mismanaged and too much mining in rural areas that plunder the minerals in soils which disturbs the balance of the ecosystem endangering the environment and its residents for the sake of profit, and for building their concrete, steel, and plastic jungle.

7. Unabated quarrying of gravel and sand on mountains, and shores which are mainly used for manufacturing hollow blocks, gravel and sand merchandise used in constructing buildings and other infrastructure. This changes the physical condition and appearance of the beaches, narrowing the beaches distance to residential area.

8. Manufacture chemicals like pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers which are harmful to humans. These chemicals cause more damage than benefit the humanity and disrupt natural process of life cycle necessary for symbiosis and healthy lifestyle.

9. Prolong and constant exposure to eating food that are genetically modified grown with pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers.

10. Over consumption of food and drinks loaded with preservatives

11. Prolong the decomposition process of the dead by using formaldehyde which populates even cemeteries. The dead take up the space meant for the living. Then it has its harmful health effects as well.

12. Monopoly in business is greed, therefore dangerous to human existence.

These are but a few of the things that urban living contribute to create harm to the environment and human subsistence. Changing the ways human use nature and environment may reverse the damages caused, but if change is a far fetched idea, then one can only expect extinction.



More than a decade ago, I got pregnant with my first child. It was the most bizarre feeling I ever felt in my entire life, a mixed emotion: from anxious of the oblivious to unexplained joy. I only wanted to feel happiness, but fear poked and reminded me all the reasons why I felt scared.

A few months after learning about my pregnancy, while my hubby and I were watching news on TV, we saw what appeared to be a skyscraper on fire after a plane crashed into it. Then another plane was approaching towards the twin building and also slammed into it. It was live reporting and I knew – even before the second plane crashed to the next one – that it was nothing, but another of those many acts of terrorism. Those twin towers were no other than what was known as the World Trade Center in New York, a place that speaks for its name- the world’s trading center- a stronghold of power and pride- within just a few minutes, crumbled into dust for the whole world to see. It happened September 11 or 9/11. I couldn’t help but only conclude right then and there as I was watching the news that it was a well-planned attack to terrorize and mock America‘s popular rescue system: Rescue 911 and the world.

I was in complete awe of what future lies ahead for my newly started family, especially for the growing fetus inside of me. This is the world we have now, filled with people unbridled, no value for life- to think that it is not their own they have taken, yet some think that they are serving God.

Today, after more than a decade have passed, life did not get any better. The cost of living a decent and comfortable life has become more elusive yet we learn about Pork Barrel Scam or PDAF Scam and the culprits easily get away with it. The criminals and their families live lavish and extremely luxurious lifestyles even far beyond their families lifetimes stolen from the taxpayers’ money who barely make ends meet to live and fight hunger on a daily basis. They pillage and plunder the country’s natural and human resources operating their bogus foundations without a conscience. While the rest of the million other citizens are born with a debt from World Bank since the Marcos regime reaching an outstanding of US$ 57.6 billion in 2003.

Image: Pork Barrel Scam or PDAF Scam

The majority of the people are oblivious of why they are living in poverty no matter how hardworking they may be (seeing some others living so much comfort and wasteful lives) and they don’t have the luxury of time and money to find out why anyway, when they have to spend it on trying to survive hunger everyday.

As of 2010 there are 92.34M population in the Philippines and each of them are being taxed directly or indirectly every move and purchase they make. Many corrupt leaders merely see each of the people in terms of their monetary value, not as human beings – they see 92.34M people as 92.34M pesos instead, so they device a clever schemesand means to manipulate and control the diverting of public funds into their own private bank accounts.

So, you can only imagine how horrible it must be like to be under a government ran by goons with guns, and golds. There may be a few good men out their working towards a better life, but the mad, bad of this world just won’t give up that easily.

And a few good men and women all over the world just have to hold on to their survival instincts.

Insatiable Pride


Image: Wikipedia

They’re at it again, the conquest in rivalling over who gets to be the owner of the world’s tallest buildings

Let us first think about the effects of congregating in one place and what it can do to the environment. Disrupt the balance of nature, of course! This is what we do, and then some more.

List of Skyscrapers

According to statistics, most of the world’s population is in poverty.

Indeed, we live in a world full of strife, at least for the majority of people living in poor countries. Getting access to the sources of the  very basic needs to subsist like food, clothing, and shelter is already a battle in itself. Statistics also show that there is a widening gap between the rich and poor in many countries worldwide. This means that the distribution of wealth is not balanced. When a person lives an exceedingly luxurious lifestyle, it will mean for a lot of others’ misery.



Although the period of large scale historic territorial colonization is done, the shadow of tyranny is still overcast. Modern day slavery is still in effect as someone finds self stuck in crappy low paying job as if life solely depended on it, because of capitalism which thrives on monopoly and consumerism.

No one can just walk in a garden to pick fruits or vegetables without being charged of stealing or trespassing. Anyone cannot just build a hut any place they choose to settle in without being tagged a squatter. Everything is owned by someone else these days and there is almost no equal access to opportunity. Everything has a price tag attached to it and everything is almost always about the money.

In human’s attempt to feed their ego, great lengths are done even sacrificing the lives of millions just so they could achieve their lofty ambitions. Mankind spend billions of dollars to explore outer space in search for planets capable of hosting human life, yet neglect the very basic problem of feeding the hungry right where they are. Then they find pride in building the world’s tallest building.

Mothers as Breadwinners, a Danger to Society

Image: flicker user rankun76

Mothers in the workforce – outside home or work at home moms – are labeled as liberated women, but I say they’re exploited women.

Back in the days so long ago, when the world wasn’t yet  as overly proprietary as it is these days, men go to the field, woods,  or somewhere they can harvest produce or hunt animals for food. Hunting is quite a dangerous task – being exposed to wild animals in dense and uncharted territories – requires not just wit, but also physical strength. When the hunt succeeds, the hunter brings home the bounty,  thus the expression “bring home the bacon.”

Bringing home the bacon shouldn’t be a major role for women or, mothers specifically speaking. Making the majority of mothers breadwinners is unhealthy not just for mothers, but for the welfare of the family as well as the society for a number of reasons:

1.  Women are less muscular and come in smaller packages.

If we compare the human anatomy of a normal male and female of similar age and race, women are less muscular and comes in smaller packages – this means that biologically, women are not meant to do tasks that require more physical effort. Taking for instance a weighting scale that is designed to weigh things up to 10 kilos, can only measure things up to that weight or else if subjected to constant overload, will malfunction or will eventually have a shorter life span.  So it is with people, and mothers in particular.

2.  Women are simply sexually irresistible to men.

This is apparent in the prevalence of sexual harassment against women in the workplace. Exposing women into high testosterone level, sexually charged male dominated work environment is a definite way of putting both specie in danger. Men and women are sexually compatible, but most men are just easily sexually stimulated being around women.

3. Women bear children.

Pregnancy in itself is already a difficult stage in a woman’s life, without forgetting the fact that giving birth for all you know is a life and death struggle. Should providing for the family be added up to their already loaded responsibilities? What would we make of them, slaves? What then would happen to the men/husbands?  What would they be good for and how would it affect their ego when we deprive them of their innate abilities of being the family’s provider, the family’s protector? Even the stage of retirement succumb them to depression, how much more when deprived of their important role as providers? This exposes them to vulnerabilities, feelings of inadequacy, or making imbeciles out of them. All these has dangerous psychological and behavioral repercussions that affects the society as a whole. Should we just make them breeders when they should be “breaders” too?

4.  Women go through menstruation every month.

Menstruation animation

If you’re a woman you know what I’m talking about. You can just imagine how difficult it is for most women to go through this period and it happens every month! From a cellular point of view, a woman suffers loss or death, and it happens twelve times in a year. Imagine from a cellular level of imagination how a woman has to grieve for her monthly loss all throughout the length of her fertile life. Some may not know the gravity of this to women’s, but women in this age bracket suffer this so called PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome

5. Home making is traditionally a woman’s role.

Someone should take care of the children, household chores,  and the man of the house (the appropriate breadwinner) who has to do his primary job as a family provider.  If this is not under the woman’s care,  someone else will have to do it, and that someone may not have the necessary and natural skills to do the job as effectively as the mother and wife could, which may negatively impact the family’s harmonious balance. Children lacking care and attention direct from their official caregiver – the mothers – are prone to neglect which could result to delinquent youth, thus become menace to society.

6. Women are primarily equipped with home management and caregiving skills.

They’re best equipped with a woman’s instincts,  home management skills, emotional sensibilities to help husbands raise their children, and to keep a home while the husband is away earning a living for the family.

7.  Breastfeeding is best for babies and their mothers.

Above all, mothers should be allowed to stay home with their children especially their newborns – it is the women who have breasts,  the primary physiological anatomy designed to care and nurse infants. Besides, separating the mothers from their newborns has negative effects that may be attributed to the many physiological and psychological disorders showing up later on in a person’s life.

The need to have more than one breadwinner is a result of modern day materialistic frame of mind. It is a product of greedy capitalism dominating all forms of media adverts just to encourage consumers to spend more than what they need, and more for something sold at a double amount even triple than the cost to manufacture their consumer product. They would forsake everything, even the harmony and safety of family just to drain the pockets of their unsuspecting prey.

The increasing number of mothers as breadwinners is a clear indication of a morally decaying society that tolerates men who wittingly neglect their obligations or creating men who unknowingly neglect their responsibilities by not giving them an opportunity to be good providers for their own family. I don’t know about other mothers, but even an educated and capable woman like me who can earn a decent living for myself and my family is taken over by my natural instincts to nurture and care for my young more than my desire to be financially independent. I can forego material wealth for the sake of the entire family’s well-being. I recognize the importance of a man – a husband, father, and breadwinner for the family, to keep a family’s equilibrium. After all, family becomes one when a man and a woman decides to marry and raise kids to perpetuate mankind’s existence. It is a team work that should allow each member to participate, contribute, and fulfill their specific responsibilities towards a successful and happy family life, thus a society in peace and order.

Changing times, and changing sex roles may be the 21st century thing,  but is it what’s best for mankind or the end of it?

Democracy: Slavery in Disguise?

image mind the long term needs of the community as a whole,  just as long as you are someone they can get immediate personal help from, is what matters. Never mind if they plunder the community’s environment,  misuse tax payers money misuse tax payers money (pork barrel scam),  conduct covert illegal activities,  keep people feel deeply indebted from getting personal help “directly” from them even if the money used came from public funds/taxpayers money credited to them. Never mind if they don’t improve the locals facilities. Never mind if they neglect to make available a complete, easy, and inexpensive access to the very basic human needs of food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and education.

Why should they care about improving infrastructure,  transportation,  trade, education, healthcare, agriculture, industry and  technology, conserve and preserve nature to help propagate and perpetuate a harmonious, peaceful and humane existence for every member of a particular community when they don’t immediately belong to that community? Why do it when the voters can be at their mercy when more lives are harder and dependent on their manipulations?

Most of these politicians reside in posh homes of expensive developed communities separated from the ghetto neighborhood of their constituents. Every basic thing they need and more are provided with ease, and fast. Not just that, they even have loads of money stashed in bank accounts, several lavish homes, and properties abroad. They can afford everything their stolen money could buy, even to the point of hiring hit mens to kill anyone who stand in their way, but they can’t seem to make into reality a better community life they promised during the campaign period. They continue securing their own family’s welfare and taking for granted everyone else’s. That’s all because they took office with vested interest, self-interest.

Once these officials take office, the constituents needing help would approach them for assistance, and that becomes their opportunity to take credit for the help they have extended. The citizen then feels owe of gratitude to repay it with vote come election time or when election results aren’t agreeable to them, have them rigged.

It is not a wonder anymore when there’s uneven distribution of wealth, unequal access to opportunity, prevalence of skills or talent exploitation, social injustice, poverty, and crimes among so many consequences of self service instead of public service in a politicians’ agenda in public office.

I believe democracy is a failure, because it relies on popularity, and majority vote that doesn’t always mean conscientious or well-informed vote when it can be bought and sold from gullible, scared, and weak majority voters/slaves by government officials/slave drivers.

Where is Home?


Where is home? I inquired. Is it my birth place or is it somewhere I was conceived?

I was conceived at the capital city far from where I was born. My parents moved to my birthplace because of their obligation to care for an old parent. My mom was a few months on the way to deliver me when they arrived.

I often hear people say that “home is where the heart is, and that there’s no place like home”. But where is my home? I ask again.

I was born in a small sleepy town very far from the city capital, to a financially struggling couple with five children and an adoptive niece. It was on that third class municipality I spent my entire childhood.

I thought I spent a wonderful childhood there, but somehow I felt a bit peculiar about myself. I didn’t mind being peerless when outside school. You know, the kind most kids would have, a constant playmate.  I never had one, a BFF kind of friend. I would play with whoever was around who wants to play with me. There was no one I knew within our neighborhood the same age as I was to hang with. Play at home was mostly by myself, with stranger kids, and joining my older siblings games with other children their age group mixed with other kids close to my age.
Or it must have something to do with our socio-economic status. They knew something I didn’t know exactly then, that we belonged to the class c if not d, socio-economic class.

I must have looked dirty and unpretty from playing hard, and so discriminated against. I even was an object of constant teasing and cruel jokes from my older siblings, telling me that I was just an adopted child borne from lunatic parents. I was not a first choice play mate to those who think they were above me in terms of socio-economic status, as well as looks for that matter, but I was happy. My dad would often praise me saying that I have a wonderful singing voice, and that I am smart because I would sometimes bring home my classmates’ quizzes for me to check. More often, he would tell me stories, scary ones, I would ask him to especially when power was out.

I was always excited to see my dad come home from work on weekends. I was even having a blast everyday at school because school meant an opportunity to play and have fun with my classmates who share the same enthusiasm that I have. I didn’t care about getting awards, honors, or whatever sort of recognition. I only was excited to go because I could play during breaks and going home time. I didn’t know we were poor even though I never had  money for allowance during those primary years. I walk to go to school and back, which was like more or less two kilometers away from home, but never felt tired doing it. Although, I knew about classmates with money for their allowance, I never felt I needed any.

Everything, at least for me, was alright back then. There were no worries except a bit of scary moments with terror teachers. I never wanted them to chide on me like how I saw my other classmates being reprimanded. I never got scolded by any of them, not even once, if my memory serves me well.

I was a pretty happy and contented child then, with doting parents who made sure to provide for our needs. My mom was always busy helping my dad earn money by managing a small store. I always find her busy and not having enough time to just sit around with me, she was always up and about.


Image Source: Flicker user Storm Crypt

Suddenly, things have changed. She got hired to work away from the family and moved to the capital with her employer. I  moved to the city with my other older siblings leaving our dad and other siblings in the province  a year after, to continue our studies there. A lot of things have changed. We no longer were a family together, we were a family separated and far from each other.

Then, we became financially able to buy things, and I was able to have access to social media available then, print, radio, and television. I was on the greener pasture, as popularly believed –  in the city.

They  say that the grass is greener on the other side, but I never had the opportunity to look and check for myself. I was just shoved right to the other side without even given a chance to compare if indeed it is greener there than where I already was, according to my naïve perspective. Or if, I even wanted to cross over there. I never had a chance to choose or decide what I wanted for myself as a child, never. It was as if I was dragged around and pushed aside every time, as if my eleven year old brain didn’t count for anything, much more did my opinion matter to get consulted.

Everything that was happening, I heard them talk about it, was going to give us a better future. So I started imagining about the city being such a nice place. Then reality showed me that it wasn’t all good. The city had that smell, atmosphere, appearance and feel that somewhat disappointed me, but I can only accept and adapt to it. I didn’t know what other choices I had and that if I even had them.

I tried to blend in, even if there were this slight and sly regional discrimination waged at me and my fellow provincial migrants by the people in the city. We had this regional accent that somehow automatically make them detest our presence in their midst.

I had occasional encounters with bullies, those who think that provincial people are primitive and stupid just because we live in an island region far from industrial civilization. Albeit, it challenged me to improve on myself.

I tried to learn the ways of the upper class society. I learned the language, etiquette, and manner of those belonging to the higher social rank. I did so I won’t have a hard time dealing with them, just in case an opportunity to rob shoulders with them came along.

I even imagined a fairy tale kind of story, where a very rich man would fall in love with me and marry me, and a lot of other make believe happy ever after stuff portrayed on most soaps.

Then city life got into me, and consumed me in my efforts to blend in and become socially accepted. Later did I realize that I was losing who I really was.

I started to feel that there was a much more greener pasture than the city where I already was. I even resented it for so many reasons, until I began to aspire leaving the country.

I developed that intense dislike towards my country that I would grab any chance I could get just so I could leave, yet I never had the opportunity and the courage to do it. I resented having to deal with my country’s way of life, to the point of renouncing my citizenship if only I could acquire a new one. It must have been because I suffered losing my family being together due to the financial struggles we had, created by many social injustices.

My country is such a fabulous and beautiful place. It is rich in all the natural resources, but my disgust may have come from the people who run and rule it.


It is the people that make the place. – I am Number Four movie

Indeed, this phrase has some truth in it. Any place around this beautiful planet is a good enough dwelling for humanity. It only became a difficult, troublesome, and lonely place because of the ruthless people residing it.

This is such a beautiful world, many even refer to it as paradise on earth. These beautiful places are never or seldom enjoyed by ordinary folks because a lot of filthy rich politicians, bad religion, and business entities own them. Then there is monopoly in opportunity and wealth. The people have difficulty acquiring access to equal opportunity, and they are restrained by their financial struggles to survive the daily grind. I belong to a society with many financially struggling family.

Although, my genealogy research showed me that my mother’s genetic side belonged to that of an indigenous royal family,  I am still bound by the fact that our wheel of fortune is no longer at the top of the social class from which it belonged to. It was taken away from us through violence and force by the very people who plundered this country way back in history. I don’t mind that we are just common people anyway, not that I cared ever being a royalty, but it would be nice, imagine the perks and privileges of high society. But I am good and that’s good enough for me.

I have come to terms and have accepted that changes are inevitable. Wherever my head rests and love is, that then is my home. I feel love for my family, and whoever needs love, and where there is true love, there is my home.

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